Columbus, Ohio

Bursting on the Columbus music scene with a 2018 appearance at Rock on the Range while still in high school, hard rock outfit Pray for Sleep has been making waves and rocking fans in the region ever since.  Grant, Hayden, and Reno bring their high energy show and inspiring and thoughtful songs to their fans at every opportunity.  With a humble and positive outreach, they have worked hard to bring attention to mental health issues by performing in local high schools, letting youth know it’s okay to “Scream Back” and seek help, championing #OnOurSleeves campaign,  and participating in Chester Bennington’s 320 Festival to honor his memory and help bring awareness to artists who may be struggling.   Building off successful sold out shows pre-Covid, Pray for Sleep was able to keep the music going during the pandemic, performing in many areas of Columbus, providing a welcome relief of live rock and roll music.  Pray for Sleep continues to be a driving force in the local rock scene as they set their sights squarely on the national stage.